The Märkische S5 Region

The Märkische S5-Region

Enjoy, relax, and get moving is the motto of our Märkische S5 Region, which encompasses all the towns in March Brandenburg along the S5 commuter rail line from Berlin.

Neuenhagen bei Berlin is a founding member of the Märkische S5 Region tourism association, which was set up in 2007 and serves the area at the city gates along Berlin’s eastern edge. The region, which encircles the S5 commuter rail (S-Bahn) line between Hoppegarten and Rüdersdorf, has much to offer – an idyllic landscape full of lakes, historical old town centers, warm hospitality, and cultural attractions. In addition, a broad range of special events throughout the year entices visitors from near and far to the area. All in all, the ideal conditions to enjoy, relax, and get moving! Cycling is a much-loved way to explore the Märkische S5 Region – it’s just a stone’s throw from Berlin and the area is crisscrossed with bicycle paths.

The Oder Spree Lake Region

We are located in the Oder Spree Lake Region (Seenland Oder Spree), which has its own tourism association. Whether it’s sailing on Scharmützel Lake or taking a canoe out on the Oder; whether it’s a cycling journey along the Oder-Neisse long-distance bike path or a go-cart tour of the Museum Park at Rüdersdorf – there is something for everyone here. Even a day trip or a short getaway provides a wonderful opportunity to explore travel in our region. 

On the road by bicycle or on foot

The green eastern environs of Berlin are the perfect spot for bicycle tours and hikes. The area is traversed by European long-distance (hiking) path (E path) 11 and bicycle path ZR 1.

GartenNachbarn (garden neighbors) Tour by bike (65 km)

To explore the region and its sights by bicycle, we recommend the GartenNachbarn circuit. This embodies our self-image as Berlin’s likeable garden neighbor, with towns that harbor the odd treasure or two for tourists. From the Hoppegarten racetrack to the old Altlandsberg palace to the Rüdersdorf Museum Park – there is a lot to discover here. And everywhere you go, there are places to stop in for a bite or a beverage, and a wealth of culture waiting to be experienced.

If the whole circuit is too long for you, it can be tackled in various shorter stages.

Hiking along the European Path E 11 

Coming from the Hoppegarten racetrack via the Goetheallee, or from the Hoppegarten S Bahn station via the road along the freight yard, you reach Neuenhagen’s Grünstrasse, which meets the E 11 hiking path. The Erpe dale is on the left side of it, stretching along the Neuenhagen Mühlenfliess nature preserve. From Westring you turn onto a small path that goes straight through the nature preserve before you get to the idyllic site of Neuenhagen’s open air swimming pool. From there, you go left towards the train station, where the pedestrian underpass takes you to the center of Neuenhagen, the garden city. If you keep to the right, you pass under the highway along the Eisenbahnstrasse – Fichtestrasse, which returns you to the Neuenhagen Mühlenfliess area. Passing the Elisenhof barbican, you follow a very peaceful path, lined with elderberry and trees, that takes you back towards Altlandsberg.   

Some interesting sites along the way:

Translated by Rebecca M. Stuart