The Economy

The Economy

More than 1500 commercial enterprises are registered in Neuenhagen. The town is home to a broad spectrum of businesses, ranging from commerce to the trades.

One main attraction for businesses is the industrial zone, which is conveniently located directly next to the highway. Comprising 115 hectares, more than 120 companies have established a presence there since 1992, so that there is currently no more space available. The enterprises in the industrial zone include Ardagh Glass, which produces metal and glass packaging, the modern switching center for grid operator 50 Hertz Transmission GmbH, as well as a range of service and logistics companies.

Businesses are also clustered around the commercial center on Rosa Luxemburg Damm and the Erpe Center on Hildesheimer Strasse. Especially in the last decade, many new companies have set up shop there. And, of course, there are small businesses, tradespeople, and service companies scattered throughout the community.

The interests of all those enterprises are also represented by the Neuenhagen-Hoppegartener Gewerbeverband (trade association), which currently has more than 50 members.

As of March 2018, the following were registered with the Neuenhagen trade association:

  • Service sector:        996
  • Trades:                     390
  • Commerce:             324
  • Industrial firms:       22

In addition to that are the freelancers and independent contractors not covered by trade regulations, such as engineers, surveyors, doctors, physiotherapists, and the like.


Economic structure:

  • Small and mid-sized businesses
  • Agriculture
  • Industries setting up in the industrial zone Am Umspannwerk


Tax rates:

  • Trade tax: 300 percent
  • Property tax A: 200 percent   
  • Property tax B: 350 percent

Translated by Rebecca M. Stuart