Partner Cities

Partner Cities


The Polish city of Świebodzin and Neuenhagen bei Berlin have been joined by an official city partnership since May 2005. The cooperation between the two towns is wide-ranging and stretches back to the 1990s. Back then, senior citizens from Świebodzin and Neuenhagen made contact with each other and, over the years, have engaged in a variety of meetings and activities on both sides of the Oder River. The idea of a university for seniors originally came from Świebodzin and was basically imported to Neuenhagen. There are also regular meet-ups between the child-care centers and various associations from the two communities. Last but not least, the German-Polish child care center Kleine Sprachfüchse (Little Language Weasels) in Neuenhagen is a product of this city partnership.

Facts about Świebodzin:

  • Located ca. 60 km beyond the German-Polish border
  • Ca. 22,000 residents, with another 8,000 in surrounding towns that are part of the City
  • Area: ca. 227 square Kilometers
  • A stadium, tennis courts, gymnasium, indoor pool
  • Three primary schools, one college prep (up to 10th grade), one secondary school (diploma)
  • Worth a visit is the tallest statue of Jesus in the world, at 52.5 meters, located on the outskirts of the city 
  • Also interesting is the town hall with a regional history museum, St. Michael’s Church, Mother of God Church, and the beautifully renovated market square.

Translated by Rebecca M. Stuart


Our friendly relationship with the Bavarian town of Grünwald started right after the collapse of East Germany in 1990. Back then, Grünwald provided active help for reconstruction in Neuenhagen, with extensive donations for the hospital and the town nursing home. Our Bavarian partner also helped Neuenhagen develop its municipal administration structure. And, finally, the town brought an Oktoberfest to Neuenhagen – because as the Bavarians say, if you work hard, you should be able to play hard. In fact, the very first festival tent, put up at Platz der Republik, came from Grünwald. Above and beyond all there, there continued and continue to be a wealth of connections and amities between the two towns, although there has never been an official partnership relationship.

Facts about Grünwald:

  • Located 14 km south of central Munich
  • Ca. 11,300 residents
  • Area: 763 hectares
  • An officially recognized resort town since 1955
  • One primary school, one college prep school, 12 child-care facilities    
  • Recreation park with swimming pool
  • Music school, continuing education school, gymnasium, soccer field
  • One place of interest is Grünwald castle, with its lookout tower and a museum of local history 
  • Also worth a visit is the recreational park, the wild boar preserve at the Sauschütt forest park center, and of course, Bavaria film Studios.