NEUENHagen bei Berlin

The Town Hall of Neuenhagen.    Photo: E. Nemschok

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Welcome to Neuenhagen!

Our town is a charming and livable community of some 19,000 residents on the eastern edge of Berlin. Our locality is marked by a multitude of green areas, earning it the sobriquet “garden city” from residents and visitors alike. Some 16,000 trees can be found just along our streets and in our public spaces.

Largely consisting of single-family homes, surrounded by lovingly-tended gardens in established residential neighborhoods. Well connected to Berlin by commuter rail (S Bahn), highway, and through roads, making it a good place to settle for commuters to Berlin. In the last 30 years, numerous new smaller and larger residential areas have sprouted in the area and our population has continually grown.

Young families value the excellent social structure, which has often earned the community the title of “Brandenburg’s child and family friendly community.” More than 1600 children enjoy unreserved attention at one of the ten day-care centers. Our three primary schools teach more than 1100 children. With a college prep and a secondary school, as well as two special-needs schools, we have a variety of educational opportunities in town. There is no shortage of leisure time activities, from an outdoor pool, skate park, and youth center, to two after-school facilities for gathering and learning.

But the older generation has a comfortable niche in Neuenhagen as well. Our own senior center, a continuing education “university for later life”, various seniors’ associations, and four residential senior facilities make for plenty of variety, as well as good care.

The range of cultural activities on offer is unequaled in the region. Neuenhagen’s interregional venue Bürgerhaus presents events for every age group and a variety of interests. The Anna Ditzen library, with holdings of more than 40,000 different pieces of media on three floors, is the largest in the county. The Neuenhagen Ark center Arche hosts cabaret. The Fallada House commemorates the town’s best-known resident, the writer Hans Fallada. Sports and cultural life is rounded out by more than 70 different local associations.

More than 1500 commercial enterprises are registered here, where they find ideal conditions for doing business in the industrial park near Berlin’s ring highway. It is home to logistics companies, commerce, construction, and the trades. In addition, the town is home to numerous small and mid-sized businesses that not only provide jobs, but also give the community economic strength. The town center is home to a diversity of owner-operated retail establishments.

Together with neighboring Hoppegarten, we have centralized function sharing. We supply many things for our neighboring communities on a cooperative basis. As one example, we have set up a joint tourism association for the Märkische S5 Region.

Neuenhagen is a member of the Association of German Cities and the Brandenburg union of cities and counties. Since 2005, our official partner city is Świebodzin in Poland. Since 1990, we have also enjoyed a friendly connection to the Bavarian town of Grünwald near Munich.

Translated by Rebecca M. Stuart