Fallada House

The public housing authority Stadt und Land (City and Country) began building a small group of row houses in 1929 on what was the Königsallee (now the Hauptstrasse). It was dubbed Grüner Winkel, or Green Nook. In June of 1930, the writer Hans Fallada, born Rudolf Ditzen, moved into the house at number 10 with his wife Anna and son, Ulrich. It was here, between October 1931 and February 1932, that he wrote his perhaps best-known novel “Little Man, What Now?”. In honor of what would have been Hans Fallada’s 70th birthday, the Green Nook was renamed Fallada Ring in a ceremony attended by the writer’s widow, Anna Ditzen. His former residence at Fallada Ring 10 now houses a small museum dedicated to the writer, which can be visited upon appointment.

Address: Falladaring 10, 15366 Neuenhagen bei Berlin

Translated by Rebecca M. Stuart